About Us

Fátimazöhra Nouinou

Founder and President of UNHURTDIGNITY

UNHURTDIGNITY is a Not-for-Profit Charitable Organization founded by Fátimazöhra Nouinou in 2020. The meaning of it is that the UN hurt the dignity of many of its employees who have been abused, intimidated, and retaliated against by its dictatorship system followers, while the dignity of those who have been harmed by the organization’s corruption, fraud, abuse and harassment, is unhurt.

The mission of UNHURTDIGNITY is to expose the UN's large train of perversions and usurpations pursuing invariably the same loyal UN servants of justice and peace by constantly the same disloyal UN decision-makers of injustice and malice.

The objective of UNHURTDIGNITY is to open the eyes of the world to the reality that the UN’s established rules, guidelines, regulations, and resolutions were designed to dissuade the world from seeing justice served, making people believe that the UN intends to save the world while the UN in fact attempts to enslave the world by encouraging corruption, promoting sexual exploitation and spreading retaliation.

UNHURTDIGNITY focus is on oppressed people and not their corrupt leaders, believing that it is the right and duty of the people to be provided safe guards for the future of their education and profession, safety and security, healthcare, and welfare.

As a first step action of UNHURTDIGNITY, Fátimazöhra Nouinou is campaigning in order to become the First Woman UN Secretary-General in 2027.