UNSG Campaign of Fátima Nouinou

UNSG Campaign Update of 3 May 2021


Motives for UNSG Campaign:

Fátima Nouinou has served the United Nations for a period of about 20 years, both here in United Nations Headquarters and in Two United Nations Peacekeeping Missions and has worked in ten UN departments. Fátima witnessed corruption, fraud, harassment, sexism, nepotism, discrimination, abused of power and retaliation within the UN.

Fátima was threatened by a Member State during her service to the UN and was obliged to apply for Political Asylum in USA in order to protect herself as a woman since the UN did Not protect her. Working in UN Investigations, Fátima has been shocked to know that the UN takes No action when it comes to Sexual Exploitation and Abuse of Minor Boys who are Handicapped and Minor Girls who get Impregnated by UN Peacekeepers in UN Peacekeeping Missions. 

Decision to Run UNSG Campaign:

Fátima decided to run for the UN Secretary-General Position in April 2019 when she faced a Lack of Justice in the UN System as she was handling Two Retaliation Cases in the UN Tribunals, being a Self-Represented Complainant, where Evidence is Tampered with by the UN -mainly by the Secretary-General- and Conspiracy is Manifested his Protectors openly.

Since then, Fátima has been preparing for her campaign by listening to the world leaders’ statements during the previous General Assembly Sessions and taking notes of what each Nation demands from the UN as a Political, Economic and Social Solution. Fátima has done a search of current political unrest, economic crisis and social distress around the world. Thus, Fátima came to a conclusion that most Member States have been narrating for years their similar demands starting with a real reform to an urgency for a true action on world’s most appealing issues while insisting on an increase of UN Security Council Membership, but No action has been taken yet to meet the repetitive demands of Member States.

UNSG Campaign Work Plan:

In 2020, Fátima focused on conducting a search about the Role of the UN Secretary-General and studying the term period of each of the Nine Secretaries-General who have led the UN until today, and which all have been men. In the meantime, Fátima prepared her vision statement and filmed her First Video about her View of the UN and the Launch of her Campaign.

Since January 2021, Fátima has been setting up her Organization which she named UNHURTDIGNITY, under which she is leading her UNSG Campaign to run for the Post of UN Secretary-General. UNHURTDIGNITY is a Non-Profit Non-Charity Organization; Fátima has submitted her request for registration of her Organization with New York State Department.

Fátima, if elected, will be the First Woman and First UN Secretary-General to pay U.S. Taxes being a Citizen of New York. She has communicated her Nomination information to the U.S. Congress for consideration.

Finalized Tasks:

Fátima has been managing her UNSG Campaign activities and using her Own Funds to Finance her campaign while handling her Campaign Start-Up and Correspondence with Member States and Donors.

Up to now, Fátima has requested her Nomination from Turkey her Country of Citizenship, Spain her Motherland, and USA her Country of Residence.

Fátima has also sent her Nomination requests to the President of the General Assembly and the Permanent Members of the Security Council: Russia, United Kingdom, France and China.

Fátima has in addition sent her Nomination requests to Israel, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Fátima has sent her requests for Donations to Campaign Donors: American Philanthropists, British Royalty Members, an American Movie Star, a Spanish Tennis Champion, an American Pastor and a President of a U.S. Foundation.

Fátima has finalized the set-up of her Organization’s website with a related e-mail, and the rest of her social media platforms in order to be able to communicate her campaign message to the world.

Fatima has launched Parts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 of her First Campaign Video named Truth for Peace.

Support for Fátima’s UNSG Campaign:

Fátima received a Letter from the Chef de Cabinet of the King of Spain informing her that her request for His Majesty’s Support to her Candidacy for the Post of UN Secretary-General in 2022 has been submitted to the Spanish Foreign Ministry, European Union and Cooperation.

Fátima also received an Acknowledgment E-mail from the Office of the Prime Minister of New Zealand thanking her for sending to the Prime Minister the copy of her request for Nomination sent to the Governor-General of New Zealand.

In addition, Fátima received a Response E-mail from the Secretary to the Governor-General of Canada, informing her that her request for Nomination sent to the Governor-General of Canada has been forwarded to the Global Affairs Canada for consideration.


Fátima joined the Webinar of Foreign Press Association as a Guest: Time for a New UN Secretary-General – A Woman?

Her name was mentioned as a New Candidate not yet supported by any Member State.

Fátima met with the World’s Famous Turkish Restaurateur Mr. Nusret Gökçe about a Possibility of holding a Campaign Dinner at his restaurant in order to raise funds for her UNSG Campaign.


Fátima has organized her First Press Conference as part of her Face the World Agenda. PassBlue was the only Attendee as a Reporting Press that covers UN-U.S. Relationship, Women Issues, Human Rights, UN Peacekeeping and other Global Affairs taking place at the World Body of which I am campaigning to become a First Woman Leader.


Fátima has been mentioned as a Candidate for UN Secretary-General Position in 2022 in Four Media Articles:

Fátima has been sending e-mails to her network of journalists in order to update them about her campaign status. Fátima’s aim is to be the First Candidate for UN Secretary-General to face the world; she will continue doing so once she succeeds.


Fátima has not received donations yet. She has set-up Donate option in her website in order to receive donations.

Pending Activities:

Fátima is on the process of submitting her requests for Nomination to the Non-Permanent Members of the Security Council and other Member States in the General Assembly as well as Regional Organizations.

Fátima has not yet met with any Member States’ Diplomats, has not yet spoken to any TV Channel or Newspaper in relation to her campaign.

Fátima will hire a Campaign Manager, a Website Manager, a Marketing Manager, a Finance Manager, an Event Manager, a Media Manager, a Video Maker, a Photographer, a Personal Assistant, a Correspondence Assistant, and a Security Team.

Fátima is specifically looking for multilingual candidates who speak and write the following languages:

English, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, French, German, Malay, Chinese, Russian and Arabic.

Should anyone feel she/he fits one of these above-mentioned positions, Fátima will be more than happy to hear from her or him by contacting her directly on her e-mail unhurtdignity@protonmail.com and/or her cell phone number +1 347-401-1576.

In terms of donations, Fátima will be delighted to receive donations for her campaign from those who want to see the UN working for the welfare of decent people instead of the well-being of their despot leaders.

Fátima Nouinou
Candidate for UN Secretary-General in 2022

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