Profile of Fátimazöhra Nouinou

Profile of Fátimazöhra Nouinou

Fátimazöhra Nouinou is from the former Free Zone of Tangier that was a Spanish, a Portuguese and a British City then became an International Government Member in the League of Nations and the then United Nations until 1956. The Countries that administered her Homeland Tangier during its International Era were Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Tangier was created by Heracles or Hercules, the Greco-Roman Legendary Hero who stayed and slept in a Cave in Cape Spartel in Tangier and used his superpower strength to smash through a great mountain separating Europe from Africa and forming the Strait of Gibraltar.

Morocco, after it took independence from France, had to sign the Protocol of Tangier to put Tangier under its Sovereignty. Since then, Tangier has been degraded, devastated, destroyed and demonized by the Dictator Despot Morocco that turned it from a Center of Civilization into a Place of Barbarization.

In her twenties, Fátimazöhra wanted to be independent and decided to become a Flight Attendant. Her first aviation interview was with Saudia Airline. She went to Jeddah through the Moroccan Government. Arriving to Jeddah, Fátimazöhra found herself on a list of virgin girls to be sent to Saudi Royal Palaces for entertainment; she became scared to death and used her sickness to fail the final exam in order to go back home. Returning to Ibn Battuta International Airport of Tangier, Fátimazöhra kissed her Homeland ground once she set her foot upon, thanking God for saving her honor.

Fátimazöhra then chose a direct path to leave straight from Tangier to Turkey through Spain with only a passport and no visa in order to avoid any dealing with the Moroccan Authorities.

Turkey became the Country for Fátimazöhra who learnt Turkish Language and embraced Turkish Culture at an early age. Since then, Fatima’s Homeland has remained Tangier and her Home Country has been Turkey.

In Istanbul, Fátimazöhra could breathe, think and plan for her international career freely. Being very ambitious to touch the sky with her desire for freedom, Fátimazöhra left to Argentina before obtaining her Turkish Citizenship. In Buenos Aires, her eyes were opened to the world widely and she decided to come to America after she had integrated easily in Argentina that became her second Home Country.

To renew her Moroccan passport, Fátimazöhra went to the Moroccan Embassy in Buenos Aires and was sexually harassed by a Moroccan Diplomat who asked her about the size of her breast. Fátimazöhra complained to the Moroccan Ambassador who stated that his employee was simply aiming for a friendship.

Fátimazöhra has been serving in the United Nations since 2001 when she first arrived from Argentina to United States of America to achieve her American Dream of becoming an Actress. Landing in New York, she asked about Hollywood and was told by a UN Ambassador that she had landed in the wrong State as Hollywood is in Los Angeles. Fátimazöhra then focused on the UN where she has been working for about two decades.

Fátimazöhra’s journey at the UN has been full of chance and challenge, opportunity and difficulty, and more shock and surprise while working in about ten UN departments across the UN system.

Arriving to USA with Moroccan Citizenship, Fátimazöhra had no way to change it while obtaining the Diplomatic G-4 Visa to work for the UN. She deeply regrets not having changed her citizenship earlier.

Fátimazöhra was sexually harassed here in New York by the Chef de Cabinet of the Moroccan King who asked to have sex with her in order to provide her with protection as a citizen when she complained to him about the sexual harassment she faced in Buenos Aires.

Fátimazöhra was privileged to serve in United Nations Peacekeeping Mission of East Timor since she had a change to live and pursue her pilot training in Australia. While serving as a UN International Staff Member, Fátimazöhra was known of raising funds for charity to help and support orphan pupils living in remote zones in conflict areas that could only be reached by UN helicopter and U.S. Mercy Ship.

To renew her Moroccan passport, Fátimazöhra had to go to the Moroccan Embassy in Canberra. There, she was again sexually harassed by the Moroccan Consul who renewed her passport as he asked to go visit her in Darwin where she lived and wished to sleep in her house.

When Fátimazöhra complained to the Moroccan Ambassador who was the same Ambassador she had complained to in Buenos Aires as he moved from Argentina to Australia, he cruelly threatened her of either torture or death or both, claiming that she was serving the Moroccan Enemy which is East Timor that supports Western Sahara.

After that frightening and life-threatening encounter at the Moroccan Embassy in Australia, Fátimazöhra visited her Homeland Tangier and was physically attacked through the Moroccan Government which planned to harm her in conspiracy with a Belgian Citizen.

Fearing for her life to be attacked again in any moment, Fátimazöhra hurried up to end her Peacekeeping Mission and returned to New York where she immediately applied for Asylum against Morocco in USA, she burned her Moroccan passport and renounced from the Moroccan Citizenship, then she followed up on her Turkish Citizenship. To expedite her Turkish Citizenship, Fátimazöhra approached the President of Turkey Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in person.

After renouncing from the Moroccan Citizenship, Fátimazöhra was one more time sexually harassed here in New York by the former Moroccan Human Rights Officer who told her that Moroccan women have rights because they decide sex position in bed. That diplomat became the Moroccan Consul General in Germany.

Fátimazöhra was also -in the presence of her husband on the day when her father died- terrorized by a Moroccan Diplomat in charge of Counter-Terrorism here in New York and who told them that all human rights and sexual abuses that are manifested in Morocco are done according to Koran.

The Moroccan Permanent Mission to the UN here in New York Bribed a U.S. Citizen Friend of Morocco to Spy on Fátimazöhra in her office at the UN with the purpose of Destroying her UN long-term career, Damaging her high-standard reputation and Ruining her remarkable life.

Fátimazöhra is a U.S. Permanent Resident and New York Citizen. She is married from a U.S. Citizen from her Homeland Tangier.

Fátimazöhra and/or her husband’s necessary future encounter with any Moroccan Government Official will have to occur in the presence of FBI, CIA and/or NSA.

Fátimazöhra is Andalusian by Blood and Herculean by Character.

Fátimazöhra’s ancestors, the people and rulers of Andalusia, were those who sought to achieve peace and coexistence in Europe uniting Muslims, Christians and Jews on the one side, and the Romans, Germanics, Goths, Franks, Arabs and Berbers on the other side under the shadow of a single empire called the Iberian Peninsula, while science, literature, poetry and art evolved, and culture, civilization, trade and development flourished, an era when the economic growth rose and the cultural influence prevailed.

Fátimazöhra’s father is from the family of Nouinou who was one of the Noble Spaniards who converted to Islam from Judaism in Al-Andalus. Her ancestors have a Region in her Hometown Tangier called Nouinouich, meaning Los Nuinos in Spanish.

Fátimazöhra’s mother comes from the family of Bakkal who was a Honorable Leader related to the Sultan of the North. His Archaeological Tomb in Tangier is called Buârraquia, which is the nickname he took because he earned respect as an honest hard working who succeeds by the sweat of his brow.

Tangier lost its international sovereignty and its dominant languages ​​which are Spanish, Portuguese and Haketia [Jewish language] after the conquest of the invader Morocco which promoted Prostitution as a Profession and implemented Drug Trafficking as an Undertaking. Therefore, Tangier parents do not focus on their children’s education in order to avoid exposing them to any type of exploitation. Educated and graduated Tangier Youths, whether women or men, will not obtain a job and will not attain a future, neither political nor scientific unless they emigrate abroad.

Tanjawa have nothing left but their Andalusian Traditions and their distinct Tangier Distinct Dialect, while Ethnic Cleansing is still taking place by the Moroccan Government to demolish Tangier’s Identity as part of the liquidation plan so that the International Tangier Civilization would cease to exist and the unique Tangier Heritage would disappear.

Fátimazöhra will Not let Morocco destroy her Homeland Tangier; she is willing and planning to Make Tangier Free Again.

Tanjawa are Herculeans; they grow-up breathing inhaling the air through East Wind one day and inhaling the air through West Wind another day, and they come of age swimming in the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean where their waters meet at Cape Spartel.

If it was not for her life in Turkey, Fátimazöhra would not have achieved what she has achieved until today.

Therefore, Fátimazöhra is campaigning for UN Secretary-General’s Position in 2027 as a American Candidate.

Since she served the UN for about twenty years as the only Tangerine National, Fátimazöhra is considered from a Minority Group; this also allows her an opportunity to prosper in her Candidacy as a Female American Candidate with a Diverse Culture and an International Background.

Fátimazöhra Nouinou’s Policy:  

No Dollar without Honor
No Profit without Respect
No Celebrity without Humanity
Honor a Woman Honor a Nation, Humiliate a Woman Humiliate a Nation
Elevate a Woman Elevate a Nation, Eliminate a Woman Eliminate a Nation

Fátimazöhra Nouinou
Candidate for UN Secretary-General in 2027