UN Experience

My Mind-Blowing UN Experience

I joined the United Nations in 2001 before reaching the age of 30. I worked as a Website Programming Assistant in the Information Technology Section at the Department of Public Information {DPI}, posting documents on UN website in Spanish, French and Arabic.  One of my supervisors was leading the Arabic Website Section and I discovered that he had a business in Syria and might have been misusing UN Funds. His wife –unethically- has been leading the Arabic Verbatim Unit until today despite the UN restriction of husband and wife to work in stakeholder offices.

My Arabic supervisor sexually harassed me telling me that all successful assistants at the UN have sex with their supervisors, so will I have to do in order to keep my job with the UN. I complained to the Office in charge of Internal Justice at that time, but the officer in charge said that she could do nothing because I was a Consultant and my supervisor was a Professional UN Staff; basically he had protection from the Organization and I didn’t.

In 2013, when I became the Personal Assistant to the Director of Investigations in the Office of Internal Oversight Services, I found a Case involving that same supervisor and his wife who both had been defrauding the Organization and running a Translation Business in Syria. He was never fired, but he died. His wife still works for the UN doing the same job till today.

In 2002, I was hired as Air Safety Assistant in the Department of Peacekeeping Operations {DPKO}, and I was sent to Timor-Leste. The Chief Air Operations refused to task the contractors in the Air Traffic Control Tower at the Airfield of Baucau District causing IL-76 to crash leaving six Ukrainian Air Crew Members dead in pieces in 2003. The Crash was investigated by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau {ATSB}. I was warned by my supervisor the Air Safety Officer not to speak to the investigators because he was afraid I would tell the truth; but I recall I had a chance to chat with ATSB and said what I knew. That Chief Air Operations ended-up being investigated for his manipulation of Aviation Contracts, but he was never fired and still works for the UN.

In 2005, I worked as a Senior Secretary in the Office of the Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Tsunami Recovery, and who was former President Mr. Bill Clinton. His former Chief of Staff Mr. Erskine Bowles was heading the office while Mr. Clinton only attended meetings. After that, I worked as an Assistant to the Senior Adviser on the Administration of Justice in the United Nations Development Programme {UNDP}.

In 2006, I worked as an Assistant in the World Health Organization {WHO}.

In December 2006, I was hired again as Air Operations Assistant and I was sent again to Timor-Leste. My supervisor the Chief Aviation Officer was reassigned to the new UN Mission in Sudan and a new Chief Aviation Officer came from the Democratic Republic of Congo where he had been under investigation for having piloted a UN Aircraft, being drunk, holding neither a Pilot License nor an Aviation Medical License and also for having broker a finger of a UN staff during a physical fight. He is from Ukraine, but claims having worked for the Civil Aviation Authority of either Guatemala or Nicaragua.

As the Chief Aviation made my life hell in earth showing his misogyny hating the fact as I -as a woman- have been working in Aviation, I became sick and came back to UNHQ NY in 2011. Since I was on sick leave, the Director at the Department of Field Support {DFS} reassigned me to assist the Chief Air Transport who was running Aviation Offices in Peacekeeping and Political Missions around the world. This one also claims having worked as a Pilot-in-Command with Air France while he is not from France. I caught him googling what to say in several meetings as he had no aviation background. In conspiracy with the Chief Aviation, the Chief Air Transport refused to renew my contract.

In February 2013, I started working in the Inspection and Evaluation Division at the Office of Internal Oversight Services {OIOS}. In May 2013, the Under-Secretary-General {USG} of OIOS laterally transferred me to work for the Director of Investigations in the Investigations Division. UN Corruptors who are threatened by my presence spread the thread about me to the Chief Air Transport who had travelled to Russia with an Air Safety Officer during that year.

At my first meeting with my supervisor the Director of Investigations, he requested details from me about the Chief Air Transport who he was investigating for Fraud and Corruption related to UN Aviation Contracts with Russia and Pakistan as well as other Member States. Indeed, the Chief Air Transport was meeting frequently with Military Officers of these Member States when I was his Assistant.

Upon their return from Russia, both the Chief Air Transport and the Air Safety Officer resigned from the UN. The Chief Air Transport went to work for ICAO which does not run background check for its employees.

Those who defraud and corrupt the UN are not fired but either flee justice by resigning or are promoted to stay.

In 2015, my supervisor the Director of Investigations exposed UN Corruption in his Case submitted to the Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki-moon and to the UN Dispute Tribunal. I officially assisted in his case that coincided FBI investigation into the Corruption Scandal incriminating the former President of the UN General Assembly Mr. John William Ashe and correlated the UN Unlawful Suspension of the Swedish Mr. Anders Kompass.

My Supervisor’s Case irritated UN High-Level Officials. The UN offered him a Settlement to leave immediately without saying a word.

I was left without protection and UN Evildoers have been after me till now.

The First Deputy Director of Investigations who wrongly investigated Mr. Anders Kompass at the demand of Mr. Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, took over. Then, the Second Deputy Director of Investigations, who is a former British Police dismissed for unethical behavior being alcoholic- became the new Director of Investigations and started undoing my former supervisor’s work.

The First Target of the new Director of Investigations was me, and the UN Leadership conspired with him.

2015 was the year when I met with my husband and got married. It was also the year when I started being attacked by the UN Felons unfairly and unjustly mainly due to my work for the Director of Investigations. Struggling with my husband’s health, I have battled UN Corruption.

I filed my Case Nouinou vs Secretary-General in the UN Dispute Tribunal and I won the case under UN Judgment UNDT/2018/070 that was issued on 26 June 2018.

Judge Alessandra Greceanu who ruled on my case was also terminated and is out of the UN because she was the most efficient judge who was just and fair and she ruled ethically.

While my case was under proceedings in early 2018, I was advised by an old UN Colleague to apply for a position in the Office of Counter-Terrorism {OCT}. I did so in a good faith. Disastrously, this turned out to be a Tragedy and a Crime-to-be as that colleague who has been given absolute power to manage all the funds in OCT working as the Budget Manager – turned out to be a Spy who was hired by the Moroccan Permanent Mission to get rid of me as he is considered Friend of Morocco through his friend and former supervisor the former Assistant Secretary-General {ASG} Mr. Jamal Benomar who is now hiding as a Moroccan Diplomat in the Moroccan Permanent Mission escaping Prosecution in NY Court for spying on U.S. Citizens.

​The Office of Counter-Terrorism is primarily funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar in addition to few European Member States, but is headed by the Under-Secretary-General {USG} from Russia who is overtired, is at the last stage of his diplomatic career and should have been sent for retirement instead; this was done in purpose to free the UN platform for whoever is interested in corruption to avail and trail to his/her aim.

During my hiring process in the Office of Counter-Terrorism, the man I thought was my colleague -whom I had trusted and whom I had known when he first worked in the UN Capital Master Plan {CMP} that ended in Scandalous Fraud Investigation and he then became the Special Assistant to the former Moroccan ASG Mr. Jamal Benomar during the time when Mr. Benomar was active in his Illegal Spying Operation misusing his UN High-Level Position- started intervening in my U.S. Work Permit, my Asylum in USA, my Application for Green Card and my Marriage to U.S. Citizen, and began meddling in my signature and my husband’s signature that I invented by asking me why it combined three languages and why it looks so interesting. He then evilly demanded to see the copies of my Application for Residency and my Application for Asylum, then he even dared to send me a Video of ICE deporting an Illegal Immigrant. Meanwhile, he was talking to both the Office of Human Resources Management {OHRM} and the Department of Legal Affairs {OLA} on my behalf without my consent, with intention to damage my reputation.

Once I started working in the Office of Counter-Terrorism, I became the Staff Representative of both OCT and DFS [my previous office]. OCT Staff Members reported to me the lack of transparency in recruitment process and I requested to meet with the Executive Office and the USG of OCT. So, that colleague -who was trying to control me- became furious. I confronted him, but he doubled his meandering of facts to act and react.

I investigated that colleague and was told that he had hired me to secretly work for him, but to officially work for two managers whom he had a conflict of interest with: an Indian Canadian and a Brazilian French who both were brought to OCT by their Pakistani friend who is a Saudi Spy and lives in an Apartment either rented or purchased for him by Saudi Arabia in Trump Tower. That same colleague brought two weird women to OCT: One as a Spy for either Algeria or France or both, and another one who is a Member of a Cult.

That particular colleague had a hidden agenda to task me in the dark, a plot that I discovered and reported to the USG of OCT. My action aggravated his anger and he became outrageous launching his plan to attack me ensuring the entire UN knows my face, name and citizenship that I renounced from. He did not only cut my contract; he went to harass and intimidate my husband at his workplace outside the UN, he hired a consultant to stalk me in my office, he insulted me to another office manager who was considering me for a job in Airport Security, he managed to disconnect my access to my office, my computer and my e-mail, and he asked his friend in the Department of Safety and Security {DSS} to disseminate a Notice indicating my name, picture, and Citizenship that I had renounced from.

I filed a Case in the UN Dispute Tribunal [UNDT]. That specific colleague was defended by a Legal Officer Mr. Alan Gutman [former American Lawyer in the State of California] and Judge Alexander W. Hunter [former Judge in New York Supreme Court] who both conspired to facilitate the Escape of that American Colleague who fled the U.S. to work in Hungary in a new UN OCT Office that has been newly budgeted by the USG of OCT and approved by the Secretary-General.

I appealed my Case in the UN Appeals Tribunal [UNAT]. A Judge from South Africa John Raymond Murphy and a Judge from Brazil Martha Halfeld -who are living in countries where judicial systems are extremely corrupt- ruled on my Case remotely online without holding case management discussions or hearings in order to dismiss my case. They acted in favor of the Secretary-General covering up Fraud and Corruption.

I had no choice but to sue the UN Secretary-General António Guterres in a New York Court. Doing so, I was informed by the U.S. Judge that the UN Secretary-General is immune from any suit in any U.S. Court, and I was given an opportunity to amend my complaint to sue the two outlaws who ruined my life and destroyed my UN Career, Benjamin Robert Gordon Swanson and Peter Dennis Read Smith. Since Benjamin Robert Gordon Swanson is a British Citizen, I was given an opportunity to amend my complaint again in order to sue only Peter Dennis Read Smith who is a U.S. Citizen and submit my Case for proceedings in the U.S. District Court Southern District of NY. My Second Amended Complaint was filed on 28 May 2021.

Fátimazöhra Nouinou
Candidate for UN Secretary-General Position in 2027