UN Shadow

Opening the Eyes of the World to the Secrets of UN Shadow

The United Nations has been run like an airport without air traffic control for a period of 75 years.

The UN has had nine [9] Secretaries-General {SGs}:

The 1st SG Mr. Trygve Lie resigned in the middle of a UN scandal and his General Counsel Mr. Abraham Feller committed a suicide jumping from his apartment’s window in New York City in that same year due to a strain resulting from his efforts to defend UN Staff during an investigation on UN Secretariat.

The 2nd SG Mr. Dag Hammarskjöld -the only Just and Fair SG who established good rapport with his staff and had the guts to travel to a war zone to end conflicts- was assassinated, and nobody cares or dares to know how and why. His Plotted DC-6 Crash remains a Mystery.

The 3rd SG Mr. U Thant was unique, and his term did not involve much UN scandals.

The 4th SG Mr. Kurt Waldheim was implicated in Nazi Crimes and had lied about his military records; thing which gave birth to an ongoing international controversy.

The 5th SG Mr. Javier Pérez de Cuéllar was free of scandals same as his predecessor Mr. Thant.

The 6th SG Mr. Boutros Boutros-Ghali was incriminated in Rwanda Genocide for having accepted a secret $36 million arms sale to the Rwandan Government when he was the Foreign Minister of Egypt and failed to avoid/stop Rwandan Genocide when he was SG.

The 7th SG Mr. Kofi Annan was heavily associated with Oil-for-Food Scandal together with his son.

The 8th SG Mr. Ban Ki-moon lied about his knowledge of French to get the SG Job. He was compromised in Cholera Outbreak in Haiti and Corruption of his Nephew.

The current and 9th SG Mr. António Guterres resigned as a Prime Minister to prevent his country Portugal from falling apart into a political swamp. He joined the UN to lead as High Commissioner for Refugees leaving the agency after his 10 years’ term in a complete mess to become the Secretary-General of the UN where he now might be worried about upsetting certain countries he has conflicts of interest with in order to skip acting for the sake of Justice and Peace, allowing whoever defends him to intentionally tamper any piece of evidence that would support the view that abuse, harassment, retaliation, fraud and corruption occur. He would not move a finger to investigate UN defrauders.

The United Nations does not run background checks for its employees whether high-level, senior or subordinate staff. This means: If someone is working in certain profession at the UN such as Security Officer, Legal Officer, Procurement Officer, Budget Officer, Finance Officer, Aviation Officer, Auditor or Investigator, this individual most probably failed in his/her job in his/her country whether being fired, investigated, or fleeing justice. This particular villain -to continue performing in his/her capacity- finds no workplace to approach except the United Nations, because if he/she goes to look for a job elsewhere, he/she will need to undergo a background check. To facilitate the path for these outlaws, the U.S. Government does not run background check to issue G-4 visas for them; this means that the UN is a Villains’ Heaven.

Same thing works for U.S. Citizens with damaging history. For example: If a lawyer is disbarred in certain State and is not allowed to practice law, he/she would apply for a job at the UN and will increase his/her duplicity to crucify UN Staff who file for abuse in UN Tribunals, and the manipulate UN Staff Complainants’ cases in order to protect UN Senior Managers Wrongdoers.

Also, if a judge is dismissed in any U.S. or NY Court, he/she would apply to work for the UN and will have utmost authority to holocaust the lives and careers of decent UN Staff who file for harassment or retaliation in UN Tribunals, and the flip the chart to make them lose whether in the UN Dispute Tribunal or Appeals Tribunal.

And same goes for Member States. If a Country needs to execute an unlawful political or autocratic power; it would pick the most dangerous malefactor -even from jail- to send to USA and hire him/her as a Diplomat even if he/she has no diplomatic background; then the U.S. would not run background check to issue him/her G-1 Visa.

CIA has already discovered a Torture Chamber in the Basement of the Iraqi Mission in New York City.

​The UN is the Base for Serious International Scandals while it is mainly led by Third World Countries, notably Corrupt Countries that think they can do whatever they desire under the Flag of the UN, including Plots for Attacks carried out with outright Impunity and labelled by Diplomatic Immunity. Till when? Till we face Apocalypse?

In 2017, I worked on the 38th Floor of the UN Secretariat assisting the Director of Political Unit at the Executive Office of the Secretary-General Mr. António Guterres who does nothing that could save or serve the world while surrounded by his team that he brought from his agency which he led for 10 years leaving it as a chaos. Most of his team members are nationals of corrupt countries working for their personal interests, including those women who he appointed on high-level positions to dissuade the world that he promotes gender equality while he in fact demotes gender equality.

My View of the UN:

When studying Human Factors in Argentina in 2000, my Graduation Thesis was about Gulf Air Airbus A320 that crashed off Bahrain in that year. I also participated in a counter-terrorism workshop in relation to the Attack on the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires in 1992. I came up with a question: How if Air Crew Members carry drugs or arms as they are not checked at the airports? My question was not quite important.

In January 2001, I came to New York and lived the September 11th Attack that took place. I became speechless knowing that ammunitions slipped through U.S. airports and no Airport Safety and Security Entity could detect them.

Now, I am asking a question: How if Diplomats carry drugs and/or arms inside the UN Buildings; nobody checks them anyway. The UN only screens UN Visitors, UN Media and Consultants, not UN Staff and Diplomats, let alone VIPS, Royals and Heads of State and Government who have special access; and no one dares to inspect or investigate them.

If a UN Security Officer executed the order of his friend and former colleague circulating a Notice with my name, photo and citizenship -which I renounced from- without asking for the Motives and/or thinking of the fatal consequences, then the entire UN Department of Safety and Security needs to be investigated because UN Security Officers had either been navy, police or military officers in their home countries and then joined the UN without going through any background check to detect any antecedents occurred before joining the UN, including the Under-Secretary-General who does not undergo background check for the position to lead the UN Safety and Security Department.

The UN has weakened its credibility by the fact that crimes and wrongdoings are covered-up and go unpunished while those who protect the wrongdoers for their own gains are never punished. Hence, the onset of the world conflicts shows that the UN failed its primary purpose which is to prevent any future world war because the UN is sailing in the ocean while the world is navigating in the sky.

The League of Nations lasted only 26 years because it failed the same purpose, and the UN inherited several chaotic offices and agencies founded by the League of Nations. Unless real oversight occurs, the UN is drowning because cruel actions of perpetrators are tainted by bias and maliciousness that is outside normal rules of morality. In 21st Century, there is no justification for diplomatic immunity; the UN cannot be its own judge, not being subject to external independent neutral oversight which would be an honest thing to do.

The UN does not even possess intelligence capability and technical facility to save and serve the world while no global entity is allowed to undertake surveillance on the UN for the Sake of Safety and Security of all of those devoted to work for justice and contribute to peace.

I started hiring a Bodyguard when going to UN Buildings fearing any attack to me by the Moroccans who would use the UN as a free scene to carry out their cabal. I no longer trust the UN the way I did for years since 2001 because I lived Threats, I witnessed Corruption, I observed Frauds and I experienced Conspiracy, all within the UN System.

To continue working at the UN, I will have to become a Secretary-General myself so that I can clean-up the UN from Abuse, Scam, Lie, Hoax, Crime, Smuggle, Sexism, Racism and Nepotism.

​I am ready for my task ahead and I will face the media to let the world know that the UN would generate war if it lasts as it is because it has not only become a Cult but is converted into a Cartel.

​My Campaign for the UN Secretary-General Position in 2027 is a major affair of both national and international interests to ruin the plan of anyone who is there working out at fault.

​At the orders of those who think the truth, say the truth, act with the truth, search for the truth, demand the truth and defend the truth anytime, anywhere and anyhow.

Fátimazöhra Nouinou
Candidate for UN Secretary-General Position in 2027